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Business Partner
Senior Employer Branding,
Corporate Communication and
Employee Experience Expert

Niki is an employer branding strategist with a deep understanding of corporate environments. She understands how to drive growth through a well-defined and sustainable employer branding strategy. She knows how to attract, retain and motivate employees and talents by building a growth organisation and designing meaningful employee experience.  

She has been working in internal and external communications, engagement and employee branding both on the agency and client side for more than 12 years combined. Now she researches the role of motivation, retention and employee experience in a world of disruptive technology changes and fast-paced digital growth, and also explores current challenges related to e.g. working environments, mindset change, communication and different generations. She is dealing with the issues of human motivation, changing workplace environments, change management, resilience and employee engagement on a daily basis. She believes in the power of communities and collaboration, in growth mindset, as well as in the efficiency and performance boosting effect of employee experience.

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